We’re happy to announce that the catering for the Spring Forward in Marseille conference will be delivered by MinaKouk Traiteur (site in French).

MinaKouk was born from the passion of Mina Rouabah-Roux for the mesmerizing flavors of Berber and Mediterranean cuisines.

After a doctorate in chemistry and a first professional career in large multinationals, Mina decides to change direction to live daily her passion for cooking. Her dream is to share the delicious traditional recipes that have been passed from mother to daughter: unique flavors that have rocked her childhood and enriched her taste for Mediterranean flavors.

MinaKouk provides a mix of Mediterranean tastes: Berber, provincial, Moroccan, Italian… All with local ingredients. The company has also received multiple awards.

You can have a further preview of how their dishes look by visiting the gallery. During the conference you will certainly confirm that everything tastes as good as it looks !

Professional, competent, humane and endowed with an acute sense of customer service Mina was an online choice with the values of Toastmasters: Respect, Integrity, Service and Excellence. An ideal choice. We hope that thanks to the art of Mina Kouk this District Conference will have this little warm “plus” that makes we keep a pleasant memory long after.