Carol Bausor
Carol Bausor


Carol BAUSOR should have joined Toastmasters donkey’s years ago. As it is, she is catching up for lost time by doing all she possibly can to hone up her public speaking skills. Like joining 3 clubs at once. She repeats Darren LACROIX’s litany every night before she goes to bed “Stage time, stage time, stage time.” She zooms around France creating new Toastmaster clubs, and this year, with great reluctance, was persuaded to drop out of speech contests in order to take over the MC slot at our Districe Conference. Since she got in a bit of practice by MC-ing at an International Conference on Road Tunnel Safety (!) , we can expect her to regale us with amazing stories of safety exits and maximum road speed. And wear a few funny hats.

Sangbreeta Moitra


“Play the hand you were dealt like it was the hand you always wanted.”

Named among top 10 European keynote speakers of 2019, Sangbreeta Moitra is a TEDx award-winning keynote speaker and strategist on change, transformation and human behaviour, to enable individuals and organizations to transform their presence, create phenomenal impact and future-proof the legacy they stand for. 

Born in India, Sangbreeta did her Masters Degree in The Netherlands and became a corporate global manager. Alongside, her work on change, transformation and human behaviour attracted international attention, leading to speaking at events in China, Japan, South Korea, India, UK, Belgium and The Netherlands. Today, her brand ‘Transform Your Presence’ includes global trusted clients such as Booking.Com, Ernst & Young, Orange and Royal Dutch Shell.

Sangbreeta has won the TEDx award for her talk, won multiple Dutch championships and European district awards in Toastmasters championships and been named among the 400 most inspiring women in The Netherlands by the VIVA Magazine. Her upcoming book on unlocking powerful secrets of innovation, design & branding, will be published globally in 2019 in English, Dutch & German by Holland’s largest professional publisher.

Sangbreeta credits Toastmasters for making a big difference in her life. She sees Toastmasters as a place where people become better versions of themselves; cheering, applauding and supporting one another as one tribe, regardless of what they do or where they’re from. This is a place where human connections are made stronger and more meaningful. 
This year Sangbreeta will bring the cheer, applause and connection to a whole new level, dazzling us with electric energy, fun and laughter as our English International Speech Contest Master. This tribe is about to have an experience they will never forget. It’s Time To Make Magic in Marseilles!

Lucy Sennef


Lucy got Toastmasters in her genes after visiting a club for the first time in 2002.  She has been a member of many clubs in different countries, taken several roles at club, area, division and district-level. She is very aware of the added value of our organization to her life, and can’t imagine a life without it. She loves the combination of everyday learning and sharing  her experiences. DTM will soon be on her list of  awards and she has realised that, for all these years, she was really onlhy preparing her base for further growth and blossoming!

Karl Indigne


After failing to entertain guinea pigs, Karl discovered he loves to entertain people. He is the owner of a cosmetics brand, a certified MBTI practitioner and holds a business card that has “Business Director” printed on it. His ambition in life? To one day warm up an audience of over 5000 people.

Meanwhile he supports the Area B4 clubs: Toastmasters Antwerp, Toastmasters Gent, Toastmasters Hasselt, Toastmasters Fonske Leuven en Zealand Toasters Dow.

Laetitia Mampaka


A Toastmaster since 2016, she became President of her home club in 2017. In the same year, she became the district Champion (Winterthur, Switzerland) with her French speech titled  ” Je suis nounours “. She is currently Area Director in Division B. When she is not busy studying for her MA in International and Public Law, she does stand-up comedy as the first Christian humorist in Belgium.

Jean-Philipe Stijn


Jean-Philippe has been a Toastmaster since 2009. He started  his TM career at the OECD Toastmasters club, Paris, where he held the office of VP Membership and VP Education (two times each). When he moved to Luxembourg in 2014, he joined the EIB Toastmasters club, which he served as President two years ago. He was Area Director in Luxembourg last year and is Division Director in Lorraine and Luxembourg this year. Although Jean-Philippe is grateful for the opportunity to hone his leadership skills, he misses competing in Toastmasters contests and looks forward to returning to competition next year. He has reached the ALS and ACB awards and plans to achieve the glorious DTM title by June 2020. When Toastmasters leaves him with a bit of free time, he tries his hand at Improvisational Theater (in French), professional webinars and meeting facilitation.

Emeka Gabriel Ajogbe


Em joined Toastmasters in 2013 with The Brussels Toastmasters Club and quickly established himself as a recognisable figure in the Belgian Toastmasters scene. Since joining, he has been President, Area Director, and a Club Mentor.

 He has helped found a corporate club, organised TLIs and been Contest Chair at various levels from club to District. A passionate mentor with no less than ten mentees, he consistently looks at ways to improve and develop new members. He is a skilled speechwriter, charismatic presenter and is not afraid to take on controversial issues in his speeches to challenge his audience. Marseille will be his sixth District Conference, where he will be the Contest Chair for the English Evaluation Final.